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Brian and Christina in Whitby

Atif in Oshawa

We are very happy with the painting, crown moulding and laundry room renovations done in my Thornhill home. Thanks for a very professional job!

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We had purchased a vintage 1963 home which included at the time, the original, never-upgraded bathroom. The smallish room had been constructed to divide the already modest space into two distinct areas with a “privacy” wall & door. The front portion contained the sink, cupboard unit, and window, while the back space, behind the wall, held the toilet and bathtub/shower. As was typical of the era, the only ventilation in the room was the window in the front half and therefore no air circulation was able to reach the back portion where the shower was at all. Imagine the moisture build-up in a 50 year period!

We had Dave come in to totally re-construct the room and bring it into the 21st century. I had planned and sourced out the design that I was looking for; from mid-century gloom to a modern bright Mexican space. This would require a complete tear-down to the skeleton and then a re-build to remove the dividing wall and open it up into one light-filled room.

Dave provided us with a planned-out, professional agenda and made sure that there was as little disruption to our home as possible throughout the entire process. During the plumbing install period, we encountered a glitch with the manufacturer of a faulty whirlpool tub. This pulled everything to a halt for several weeks, during which time he was unable to move forward with his schedule. He was very, very agreeable and accommodating with the unexpected problem, even though this held up his progress and scheduling. Once we were back on track again, Dave was back hard at work to finish. The result was amazing! From a dark, damp, depressing, divided cubicle, it had been transformed into a beautiful, bright, colourful spa created by a trusty, organized renovator. Since that time, we have brought Dave in for other jobs based on of his patience, professionalism and beautiful workmanship.

Dianne and Mark in Whitevale

Professional, courteous and friendly.

Excellent work.

Bonnie in Thornhill

I have to take a moment and give a massive shout out to Happy Space Happy Place, Samantha and Dave. I don’t do shout outs but this really deserves it. This shout out is three parts:
Part one: Samantha and Dave are truly amazing people and really care about that they do. I got to learn from them how relationships work. Samantha was there for Dave every step of the way, supporting where she can, just being there for him as moral support, making detailed notes about the project and putting her finishing touches. Both of them really touched my heart.

Part two Communication: Dave and Samantha set expectations from day one. They explained what the project would look like, how long it would take, start and finish time. What will be required from me and what I will be paying for the job with no hidden fee’s. Every renovations projects has surprises and this one was no different. The couple took it upon themselves to make things right and ensured that the project had the lasting impression. I was kept up to date for my project every step of the way.

Part three Project: The project Happy Space Happy Place took on was a weeklong project with many complication that they were faced due to how the work was completed by the previous renovation company. I have worked with many contractor in my past and I don’t have any good stories to tell. This project was very different. The project was completed like it was their own. The place was left so clean and spot less after. Truly no short cuts taken in the entire project. Dave and Samantha truly when over and above and exceed the expectation for the project. I have never been able to refer a contracting company as I didn’t want my name attached to them. But I know who I can refer to my friends and family and of course my own projects. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!

If anyone is looking for renovation please give Happy Space Happy Place a try. You too will be amazing like my family was. This is a team with a heart!!

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"Samantha came into my house and the transformation changed my life. Previously for 17 years my house had gone from bad to worse. (clutter) Samantha and I worked together easily. Her response at each new room was "won't take long".  Samantha is thorough. Every inch of the house was tended to. She is methodical, very hard working, sensitive and SO kind.  AND I have made a friend for life!" 

Andrea in Bowmanville