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Samantha and David came highly recommended to us by our window treatment designer when we bought a 30 year old house in Pickering 1 1/2 years ago and were new to the area. Since we first met them, they've been our "Go to" contractors when ANYTHING needs to be done home-wise. We all have our gifts, but repairing/replacing/renovating has never been ours. Luckily, we found people who do have that gift! They are thoughtful, honest, clean, reliable, trustworthy, and competent professionals, who are actually passionate about their work and making you happy!
"Happy Space Happy Place"...aptly named!

Sam and Dave were able to complete a project for us and we were totally awestruck at the professionalism, timing, and quality of their work.
We will definitely use them on any further projects.

"Samantha came into my house and the transformation changed my life. Previously for 17 years my house had gone from bad to worse. (clutter) Samantha and I worked together easily. Her response at each new room was "won't take long".  Samantha is thorough. Every inch of the house was tended to. She is methodical, very hard working, sensitive and SO kind.  AND I have made a friend for life!" 

I have been working with Samantha and Dave since 2018. I first met Samantha, when I did an internet search looking for someone “non-judgy” to help me work through the abyss that had become my basement. She came in, and graciously saved my life - I’m not exaggerating. She helped me to pare down the items I had been hanging on to, dropped off donations and made trips to the dump for me. I felt completely supported, and encouraged by her and for this I am eternally grateful. Once I experienced Samantha’s work ethic, and genuine goodness, I wanted to engage this top notch team to help bring the basement space up to its former glory.
Enter “Dave” Dave’s skills perfectly complement Samantha’s, he is super creative, gentleman (a lot of contractors are not - you know what I mean) and he can build or make over anything you need. He is a perfectionist (they both are) he explains what his vision is, and is able to make anything happen for you. We now use our basement space again. It’s absolutely perfect. Throughout the summer we had Samantha and Dave back to do projects for us. Things that my husband and I had zero skill or energy to accomplish. They repaired, made over, and painted an ugly outdoor cedar shed, which is now a highlight in our yard. They repaired, and created a beautiful pond saving my friendly toad in the process (they love nature too) they fixed my crooked gates, reeled in a twenty year old wisteria. All the while, made our lawn the talk of the town - from weeds to WOW! Basically, there is nothing these people can’t do. In a nutshell I would say Samantha and Dave specialize in relieving stress for homeowners. Nothing is a big deal for them and they make it not a big deal for you. I can not recommend them enough, you will never regret bringing them into any project you need done.

Andrea in Bowmanville

Dale in Scarborough

BEYOND EXCITED WITH OUR NEW KITCHEN!!! We had Samantha & David jump in at the last minute, prior GC not reliable, and renovate our kitchen, which included removing a wall and freshening up our dining & living room. OMG we could not be happier with the end result! Every morning I come down and think I am in someone else's kitchen... They worked with our various contractors, which they had never worked with before, and did an AMAZING job. They kept the area tidy at the end of the day and Samantha sent us daily emails to update us on the process. THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR A JOB WELL DONE!!!

Lisa in Ajax

Annie in Pickering

Samantha, Dave and their crew were fabulous! Amazing work and amazing people! We'll definitely be doing more renos with with them!

John and Willy in Whitby

Dave and Samantha did a fantastic job replacing our countertops. “Everything old is new again”! Very thorough and professional workmanship with a friendly and down to earth demeanor. I would highly recommend happyspace happy place.

Steve in Bowmanville

We had Samantha and David renovate our bathroom just before Christmas.  They took as much care working on our house as if it was their own. They managed to listen and hear what we wanted (even with a few curve balls along the journey) & always cheerfully steered us through all the decisons to get to the bathroom we really wanted. It was not very different from what we first asked for, but it is the little touches and attention to details that puts a renovation over the top!
We will happily work with them for any future renovations

Kim in Ajax

We are very happy with the painting, crown moulding and laundry room renovations done in my Thornhill home. Thanks for a very professional job!

Frank in Whitby

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Claudine in Toronto

Such amazing people to work with. Dave and Samantha went above and beyond on so many levels. We had them complete a full basement reno. When they see a need they jump right to it. They are excellent communicators, flexible, reliable, honest and incredibly hard working. Definitely a company you want working for you.

We have all heard about the Reno’s from hell and how many people have been taken advantage of over the years. Well, I was positive that this would NEVER happen to me as I’m pretty handy and have completed a lot of work on my own! I can assure you that it DOES happen, even to the best of us, including myself!
Sorry this might seem long but I think it’s very important for ALL to see and experience from someone else’s misfortunes.
I’ve been trying to complete my parents house renovations for over 2 years and have experienced contractors from hell. Delays, wrong products, work incompleted, permits not pulled, having to research the information myself and to call proper companies to gain access to my permits myself. Having to pay others to come back to complete the unfinished work, not being able to contact previous contractors and unfortunately, already paying for the unfinished work! It happens, I know first hand how devastating this can be.
I was hesitant about bringing in Samantha and Dave from Happy Space Happy Place. I wish I had learned of them from the start!!!! I only give credit where credit is due and they would have made my life easier from the start.
I knew what I wanted and discussed my projects with them. This company has taken the time to offer me quotes on EXACTLY what I wanted but also took the time to put together 3 other ideas and suggestions that would be more cost efficient to me with the same outcome. I was extremely impressed by this and knew that I found a company who was going to work with me and not against me!
I tried Happy Space Happy Place with my small basement shower and loved the finished product. I had a small minor hiccup with the drainage in the shower which I KNEW was not their workman/womanship. The previous owners didn’t use a proper plumber when putting in the drain. Within a week, Samantha and Dave returned to correct the issue. Haven’t had a problem since, thank you!
I offered them the project for my parents kitchen. They did an amazing job with the large backsplash, trim and caulking! Looks beautiful, straight and professionally COMPLETED! Unlike most of the other contractors who didn’t complete their work. For this well done job again, I’m thankful and happy.
So, I knew that they were professional, reliable, honest, punctual and actually completed the jobs within their set time frame. I decided to offer them the job of laying the basement flooring and basement washroom at mom and dads as well. They laid laminate flooring, framing doors, custom fit doors for smaller closets, porcelain flooring, trim, toilet installation and vanity installation. The work again, was finished within their set time frame, professionally COMPLETED, clean and I’m 110% satisfied and impressed with their workman/womanship!!
Credit is definitely due to Happy Space Happy Place, Samantha, Dave and their team of Ron and April. Dedication, communication and commitment is what you will receive from this company and is what ALL companies should offer but don’t!
I know who I’m relying on for my next projects in the near future.
Don’t be taken advantage of by fly by night companies who try to get your business and hard earned money, you deserve better! Happy Space Happy Place is there for YOU!!!
Thank you again for your wonderful help, work and putting up with me and my changes and delays from spring to summer 2018!
You’re definitely a outgoing company that deserves to be acknowledged for your commitment to your company and customers.
Well done Happy Space Happy Place!!!!

Bonnie in Thornhill

I have to take a moment and give a massive shout out to Happy Space Happy Place, Samantha and Dave. I don’t do shout outs but this really deserves it. This shout out is three parts:
Part one: Samantha and Dave are truly amazing people and really care about that they do. I got to learn from them how relationships work. Samantha was there for Dave every step of the way, supporting where she can, just being there for him as moral support, making detailed notes about the project and putting her finishing touches. Both of them really touched my heart.

Part two Communication: Dave and Samantha set expectations from day one. They explained what the project would look like, how long it would take, start and finish time. What will be required from me and what I will be paying for the job with no hidden fee’s. Every renovations projects has surprises and this one was no different. The couple took it upon themselves to make things right and ensured that the project had the lasting impression. I was kept up to date for my project every step of the way.

Part three Project: The project Happy Space Happy Place took on was a weeklong project with many complication that they were faced due to how the work was completed by the previous renovation company. I have worked with many contractor in my past and I don’t have any good stories to tell. This project was very different. The project was completed like it was their own. The place was left so clean and spot less after. Truly no short cuts taken in the entire project. Dave and Samantha truly when over and above and exceed the expectation for the project. I have never been able to refer a contracting company as I didn’t want my name attached to them. But I know who I can refer to my friends and family and of course my own projects. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!

If anyone is looking for renovation please give Happy Space Happy Place a try. You too will be amazing like my family was. This is a team with a heart!!

Samantha and Dave are an exceptional contracting team, and I recommend them without hesitation. They are honest and trustworthy – and back it up with a deep skillset around renovations and professional organizing. I came to Samantha and Dave with a complicated project. They took the time to listen and to provide a detailed quote. The renovation went exceptionally well and the results have exceeded my expectations.

Happy People

Sandy in Ajax

Ross in Courtice

We had Samantha and Dave come in to do some work at our clinic. They communicated with us well, accommodated our schedule, they did terrific and thorough work. We got exactly what we needed and wanted and they set up and cleaned up so we had absolutely no disruption in patient services. Excellent service!

Brian and Christina in Whitby

Excellent service! Very professional, prompt and attentive to details. They go the extra mile to make sure you get what you need done and have exceptional customer service! I never hesitate to refer someone to them!

I met Samantha briefly at a networking event and then we met for coffee one day and instantly connected with her. Such a warm, accepting, wonderful person. She offered to come by one day because I mentioned I had issues with my office. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I sent her a message "Help! I'm surrounded!!!!" She happened to be passing by a couple of hours later and after just talking things through for about 45 minutes, she gave me some ideas on how to keep my desks clean and organized. She also helped me take the pressure off of myself. I still have a ways to go but I've been keeping up with keeping the visual part of my office in great shape and it's helping my business as well as my squirrel brain. Highly, highly recommend this wonderful woman!

Beth in Ajax

Wow is all I can say. I don't know where to start. Exceptional and personalized service. I knew nothing about buying kitchen stuff but Sam and Dave walked me through it all. Even meeting me in person at Home Depot to help me choose materials. Seriously they both go over and beyond expectations all the time. I can't rave enough about their work. Well done! Highly recommend them.

Atif in Oshawa

Eric in Toronto

We had purchased a vintage 1963 home which included at the time, the original, never-upgraded bathroom. The smallish room had been constructed to divide the already modest space into two distinct areas with a “privacy” wall & door. The front portion contained the sink, cupboard unit, and window, while the back space, behind the wall, held the toilet and bathtub/shower. As was typical of the era, the only ventilation in the room was the window in the front half and therefore no air circulation was able to reach the back portion where the shower was at all. Imagine the moisture build-up in a 50 year period!

We had Dave come in to totally re-construct the room and bring it into the 21st century. I had planned and sourced out the design that I was looking for; from mid-century gloom to a modern bright Mexican space. This would require a complete tear-down to the skeleton and then a re-build to remove the dividing wall and open it up into one light-filled room.

Dave provided us with a planned-out, professional agenda and made sure that there was as little disruption to our home as possible throughout the entire process. During the plumbing install period, we encountered a glitch with the manufacturer of a faulty whirlpool tub. This pulled everything to a halt for several weeks, during which time he was unable to move forward with his schedule. He was very, very agreeable and accommodating with the unexpected problem, even though this held up his progress and scheduling. Once we were back on track again, Dave was back hard at work to finish. The result was amazing! From a dark, damp, depressing, divided cubicle, it had been transformed into a beautiful, bright, colourful spa created by a trusty, organized renovator. Since that time, we have brought Dave in for other jobs based on of his patience, professionalism and beautiful workmanship.

Dianne and Mark in Whitevale

Daniel in Ajax

Nelly in Whitby

Jeff in Toronto

Professional, courteous and friendly.

Excellent work.

Dave and Sam redid my bathroom and with their guidance and suggestions, it looks amazing!! Had a hiccup with material coming from where I ordered something and they bent over backwards to finish my project in their busy schedule! There should be more people like them! Thanks guys!!

Denise and John in Pickering

Samantha and Dave at Happy Space Happy Place did a wonderful job remodeling our outdated Main Upstairs Bathroom into a modern, fresh look. Due to a leak that caused damage in the bath area and adjacent Bedroom hardwood floor the bath area had to be gutted and the hardwood replaced. We opted for he total bathroom reno since the current look was 30 years old. They managed the project from start to finish within the time-frame they stated even though there were some unforeseen challenges. The bathroom is now new, modern and a pleasure to use and show. The wood flooring, despite having to replace a large patch, looks close to new considering it was not a full new floor. This saved us considerably on cost. Samantha and David responded quickly and conscientiously to any concerns and addressed them to our satisfaction. Our experience with Happy Space Happy Place was a positive one and we now have a valued partner for our remodeling, renovation or updating needs. Samantha and David; thank you for your caring